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Following an initial assessment the individual has a programme designed to meet their needs and interests. Attendance at access can be 1-5 days per week with the option to attend social activities and short breaks during the evening and weekends.


Day Opportunity

Access supports the individual's progression towards their goal and aspirations. Support is provided to investigate existing skills, strengths and interests and develop these to enable participation in their chosen activities (either through work, learning or leisure).



Developing and practicing work skills and enabling individuals to take part in work activities, for those who require support, through voluntary work.

Voluntary work can be completed within the community or at Access. 

Examples of work activities include: work skills, gardening, computers and office skills.   

           Gardening      Work     Computers  Cleaning


Enabling learning for enjoyment through different methods. To develop and practice social and communication skills, build and maintain friendships and gain independence within the community. 

This includes money skills, literacy, numeracy, craft, computers, communication and social skills, travel, recycling, healthy eating, exercise, music, cooking, personal development and confidence building etc.

Recycling    Numeracy        Music        Literacy         Cooking       Healthy      Money             Travel Communication 


Via leisure we aim to develop individuals' independence to enable access and choice in leisure and recreational opportunities. Access supports the individual to discover their current interests and try new experiences with friends.

Examples of leisure activities include: bowling, cinema, dance, craft, eating out, special interests, friendships, games, park and pub visits, sports, swimming, snooker, theatre, walking, music and karaoke.       

Walk                Pool             Karaoke     Bowling                 Craft                 Pub
Eat Out          Sports              Park          Dance            Games        Swimming

Social Evenings and Weekends (optional)

Access gives the opportunity for individuals to take part in chosen social and leisure activities during the evening and at the weekend.

Activities include: eating out, cooking, cinema, walks, pubs, parks, theatre, sports, games craft and day trips.                             




Short Breaks (optional)

Enabling breaks, with friends in a static caravan, lodge or hotels in Britain and abroad. Places we have been previously include Disneyland Paris, London, Menorca, Lymington, Matlock, Wales, Jersey, Lake District, Edinburgh, Derbyshire, Turkey and various sea side resorts.

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